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Apr 16

Advancement of technology has opened many new avenues, no matter what you like. Same is true for the entertainment world. It is hard to find a person, who has no interest in music.  People like different kinds of music and that is the reason classical to rock and pop, we can find a wide verity of music. A large number of online platforms are available now and if you are a music lover, you must have heard about SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is the online community of artists and music creators. You can not only find individual musicians here but a great verity of music bands is also part of soundcloud. It works for everyone; no matter you is a music creator or music lover. If you are a musician and want other to listen to your music, you can take the advantage of this platform. It has more than 20 million users and according to a rough estimate the number is increasing by more than one million in a month. So, you are reaching to millions of people just by being a part of soundcloud. On the other hand, if you are a music lover, you can get a great collection of music and share it with your friends and others as well. This is the biggest advantage of this online music community, which is the largest of its kind. Here we are discussing some great features of SoundCloud.


SoundCloud Plays

It is absolutely free to sing up. You have to create an account and they ask for no fee. If you are a music creator, you can easily upload your music files, audio and video both, without any problems. It is really simple to create and account and upload your files, soundcloud has made it really easy for its users. People will listen to your music and the number of plays will be mentioned with your song file. The more number of Soundcloud plays means, more popular is your song. However, you have to interact with the other members of the community. More interaction will result in more awareness about your music and eventually you will get more soundcloud plays.

Soundcloud followers

Another feature on this online community is soundcloud followers. It means, when you will upload your music. People will listen to that and will like to follow you for your other music as well. An amazing feature of soundcloud is its connectivity with social media like face book and twitter. You can get a large number of followers just by interacting with the members of community and more followers’ means, you are getting popular.

Soundcloud downloads

Soundcloud understands the needs of its users. That is the reason; they offer the download feature as well. No matter, it is an audio music file of video, you can easily download it. It’s simply free to download your music files from sound cloud. For music creators, downloads really matter. When a particular music file is downloaded more number of time, it gets high ranking and more popularity.


Soundcloud time comments

When you update your status on a social media websites, your contacts posts comments there, this feature of sound cloud also works in the same way. People listen to your music and they give different comments. It is quite helpful for the musicians, as they not only get feedback but some positive criticism also helps them to improve. They can understand that what people actually like about them and what are the areas, which need improvement. However, it is very important to understand that what is positive criticism and what is said just to irritate the music creator. More positive comments will encourage the musician to create more good music.

Soundcloud reposts

This feature is for music lovers but musician can also take the advantage. If someone like a song, he or she reposts it on his behalf. It shows that, he liked that song very much and he want his own contacts to listen to that song. More reposts help is getting more audience. When a song gets reposts number of times, it shows that it is really popular and people actually want others to listen to that. It also shows that song is so good and the person, who is reposting, wants others to know about his music taste.

These are just the few features of this online community. Once you are part of it, you can discover more ways to get entertained and make your music popular. People from all over the world are part of soundcloud. Not just the new music creators but old music lovers and seasoned musicians are also part of this community, as they are looking for something fresh and new.

However, if you want to take the advantage of this online music community, as a new music band or individual musician, you have to give it time. The more time, you will spend interacting with the people, listing to the others music and discussing with them, the more followers, comments and reposts you will get. As mentioned earlier, these things are really important for the success of your music. The more people will listen to your music, the more it will get popular.

You can get new ideas by listening to others music. You can easily share it on face book and twitter, which have emerge as fasting growing social media networks. The point is to reach more and more people. Soundcloud helps you to market your music to the right audience, as only those people are members of soundcloud, who actually love music. You will get audience, who actually understand music and your music will reach to millions of people within no time. Sound cloud is offering this service for free. No charges for uploading music and no charges for downloading it.

Take the advantage of this online music community and send your voice to the every part of this world. It is a great opportunity of everyone.


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