Music Promotion Packages For Unsigned Artists

Top music promotion packages

Finding the perfect hip hop music promotion packages is fundamental to any music career.  Many great songs go unheard due to poor marketing or no marketing at all, however, we can help. Certainly not all websites are built the same and some work better than others. Here on this page you can choose the right package for your hip hop single hassle free. Gain new listeners and take your music to the next level using our hip hop promotion packages.

How we do it 

We spread your music campaign across 5 email blasts subsequently. Additionally, we repost your song on various SoundCloud channels with thousands of followers for an added boost. Upon completion we  send out a full report with screen shots as well as send the email blast report.

Delivery time

When you order our music promotion packages we start working in as soon as 6-12 hours. Please allow up to 3 business days for the full report.

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Hiphop music promotion packages

Our promotion packages 

The hip hop campaigns on this page have been proven to work for many artists in the industry. Each campaign we send out adds credibility and brings awareness to any artist or label. Give yourself a chance and build your fan base the right way.

In Conclusion 

Finally, as an independent musician it’s your sole duty to expand and grow as an artist. Here we make it easy for musicians to keep doing what they love with our top grade packages.