Boost Your Music Promotion With These 7 Tips

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Music Promotion in 2016 can be a difficult process for the novice user looking to get heard. Various musicians get the notion that music promotion is hard and expensive, when in fact, you can even do it by yourself. The process of an intense marketing campaign goes considerably further than simple Facebook posts and daily SoundCloud uploads.

Here in this article, we list 7 of the BEST music tips to help you gain more plays and supporters in a short duration of time.

1. Add Keyword Descriptions.

Adding keyword rich descriptions is something that always goes overlooked by a ton of users. Keywords are relevant to platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud that use a search engine to determine a song genre. Finding the right keywords is easier than you imagine, run a google search and browse ”Popular YouTube Hashtags” and find what’s relevant to your genre and get started. 

2. Post Your Song On A Blog.

Getting your song on any blog or website can add some juice to your SEO position and set you apart. Site listings can sometimes cost hundreds depending on where you look for them. Sites like Fiverr offer ‘music promotion’ for a fraction of the cost and often have blog placements for cheap. In fact, building relationships with blogs can go a long way and benefit both parties if executed well, don’t sleep on this one.

3. Upload Artwork For Each Track.

Firstly, having covers for each song encourages the listener to engage and connect with the song a whole lot more. Secondly, not only are you making your product look nice, but you’re also adding more value to what you’re offering by providing ”perceived value”. And lastly, this also encourages people to share your song! (Inside Secret).

Additional TIP: you can use Fiverr to get nice single cover for under $5!.

4. Apply Tags If Possible.

Adding tags to your song is essentially a key element to directing users to your music. Don’t just randomly name your songs and neglect song tags feature, do a little bit of research first. For example, you can use tools like VidIQ to look at your competitor keywords and see what they’re ranking for and work around them. Also, websites like can give you some better insight on tags and keywords.

5.  Reach Out To SoundCloud Channels

Reaching out to channels on SoundCloud is a thing many people are getting more familiar with every day. Go and find similar channels to your genre and build your promo team. Furthermore, having your reliable network of supporters has its many benefits and is what many internet millionaires need.

A good channel to check out is @MusicianPR.

6. Use Auto Tweets.

Believe it or not, automated tweets account for most tweets you read in some shape or form. Falling behind in 2016 due to a full schedule is not an excuse any longer for any business. Websites like TweetJukeBox is probably our favorite tool at the moment with their easy to use interface. Here you can import a list of tweets and even host different Twitter accounts for a good, fair price. Sure, doing all this yourself can be easy, however, with this tool you can create multiple accounts for a better reach online for under $20. Compared to 10 years ago, the way people run and manage music marketing and promotion has changed for the better.

7. Get Some Help.

We know doing your music promotion is a hassle and can sometimes be a disaster and you would rather do it alone. However, getting all the aid you can get, can change to simplify the process of music promo. Don’t fall under the same umbrella and fail to stand out from the crowd due to a lack of music promotion. In conclusion, having a team behind you makes you look and feel much more official than the average Joe.

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s article and can pick something up from it. Please leave a comment and drop suggestions if you would like to hear about a certain topic and we will cover it. Thanks.

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