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Why should I buy Soundcloud plays from Soundcloud Promotion?


Well, like any social platform, the more plays, likes, views or whatever the social network uses, the higher your profile, posts or tracks are ranked, the higher your rank is, the more exposed your work receives. Soundcloud is no different, the more plays your track has, the higher it will rank on the charts and more people will listen to it, therefor when you buy Soundcloud plays you get a lot more then the plays you paid for, you get also higher ranking and more plays.


Why should I buy Soundcloud followers from Soundcloud Promotion?


When you buy Soundcloud followers you make your profile more attractive, when other Soundcloud users check your profile and see that you have so many followers it must be that you music is so awesome that everybody wants to follow you.


Why should I buy Soundcloud comments?


When you buy Soundcloud comments from Soundcloud Promotion, you give your crowd more reasons to leave their comments as well, the more you have, the better rank your track gets.


Can I get "Timed comments"?


Yes, we at Soundcloud Promotion can deliver you any kind of Soundcloud comments that you prefer.


Can I send you guys the comments I want to appear on my track?

Sure, when you buy Soundcloud comments from Soundcloud Promotion, you can send us a list of your desire comments and we will gladly add them to your track.


I have many tracks; can I buy soundcloud plays and split them between all my tracks?


Sure, all you have to do is email us on the payment page on the "Instructions for seller" part, your tracks urls and write to us how many you us to add to each one.

Soundcloud Promotion simply gives you the tools to reach bigger crowds, so if you have many tracks and you want to split your order, we will follow your needs.


Are your plays come from real people?


Yes, we at Soundcloud Promotion don't use bots like other sites and all your plays come from real people/


Is it safe to use your services?


Of course, using Soundcloud Promotion services is safe and none of your tracks are in any danger of getting banned.


How long does it take to start seeing results once I purchased one of Soundcloud Promotion's packages?


Well, usually it takes only a few hours to get the package your ordered, if you want faster results, simply email us to: and tell us your specific requests.

Does Soundcloud promotion have any special offers or discounts?

Sure, check Soundcloud Promotion "Special offers" section here and find the package that is right for you. Didn't find a suitable package? Contact Soundcloud Promotion, and we will help get what you need with an effordable price.

I don't know what kind of service I need, can I contact you guys at Soundcloud Promotion for advice?

Sure, we at Soundcloud Promotion will be glad to help you find out what kind of promoting package your tracks need, that's what we at Soundcloud Promotion are here for, so, please, don't hesitate, contact Soundcloud Promotion now.


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Soundcloud Promotion, the no.1 promotion service on Soundcloud.

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Sounds great, how do I start ?

Soundcloud Promotion is the world’s first and largest Soundcloud promotion service, offering promoting tools that are custom built for artists and musicians, including: soundcloud plays, favorites, downloads and much more. All necessary for dominating Soundcloud, the main online platform for musicians.

Soundcloud promotion delivers its services fast, usually within a few hours since ordering and by doing so, increases the viral effect of the promotion service, which helps promoting tracks to reach large crowds and goes viral. Once a track goes viral, and start dominates the charts of soundcloud, the sky is the limit.

Soundcloud promotion has a strict Money back guarantee policy, not that we ever used it, but if a client is not happy with our service, we refund his or hers money. Therefore, using our services is risk free.

Who are we and what are we good at ?Safe and effectiveIs my money safe ?
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